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Baumann Automatic Positioning System APS

The Baumann Automatic Positioning System provides you with a module which permits automatic cutting of complete layers. The APS is suited for printed as well as for unprinted sheets. The APS can be used regardless of the system for layer preparation or feeding onto the rear table.

Increase of productivity

Baumann system components support the process automation in the field of cutting resulting in a considerable increase of productivity. The APS automates the cutting process and is an integral part of the cutting program.


The Baumann APS serves to fully automate turning and alignment of layers on the rear table of the cutter. It is equipped with automatic cutting release. The number of cuts and the alignment operations are defined by the cutting program irrespective of the type of cut, i.e., top or angular cuts, 4-side-trim, separating cuts or step-and-repeat cuts. All types of cutting are automated and are normally executed without any intervention of the operator. The APS is always part of a gripper system. Turning and alignment operations are integrated in the gripper movements.

Operation sequence

The gripper transport system receives the prepared layers from a jogger or a loader and deposits them on the rear table. Depending on the format, the saddle of the cutting machine approaches a pre-position. At the same time the alignment guide properly aligns the layer with the retractable side gauge (ASW). The back gauge of the cutter pushes the layer into the cutting position while the alignment guide presses the layer against the lateral gauges thus stabilizing the layer's geometry. The automatic cut is released and the cutting program continues. For turning the grippers pick up the layer, clamp and then turn it by 90 degrees. The back gauge positions the layer for the subsequent cut. This procedure can be repeated as often as desired.


The APS control is integrated into the cutting program so that no special setup procedure for the APS is required. By the cutting program, the turning and alignment operations can be dedicated to any particular program step.

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