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Stainless Steel Air Tables are probably most commonly used in the commercial printing business, specifically the bindery, where large lifts of paper are being slid in and out of the machine. These lifts can weigh several hundred pounds. But with just the touch of your fingers and the use of air you can move these very easily.  Air Tables make the entire process not only more productive, but much safer as well.

Most air tables on the market today, are of laminate construction. The problem with this is: In a commercial environment where large lifts of paper, chipboard, plastics etc. are being transported across the table, the laminate always seems to get worn or chipped. Once this happens, the laminate usually starts to separate from the air box, causing problems when trying to transport product.

Disgraf, an Air Table Manufacturer, has conquered this battle by taking the laminate out of the equation, and replacing it with stainless steel. Stainless steel offers one of the best surfaces for sliding abrasive products such as paper, chipboard, plastics etc.

Every air table we build is wrapped in stainless. That means after the base air box is manufactured we then form a one-piece stainless cover, which not only covers the top, but also all the wear edges.

Utilization of a modular aluminum frame and tubular support legs, make these one of the best air tables on the market today.

We have several paper cutter specific designs already in our system, but can build basically anything you can draw. The way we handle this is, you can fax in a drawing of your requirement, and we will send you back a C.A.D. drawing for your approval. Once we receive the approval, most orders are able to ship in 3-4 weeks.
The applications are endless. Basically any place you need to move product from one area to another. Air tables take all the work out of moving heavy product.

For more information please call 1-800-279-3884 or e-mail airtables@disgrafservices.com.



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