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Perfecta TS-1



Perfecta Logo High-Speed Guillotine
TS 115/132/168/225


The Perfecta TS Series

 "New Standards" is what we are setting with our Perfecta TS series. Starting at 115 (45")and progressing all the way up to 225 (88.5"). The 115/132 High-Speed guillotines offer an ideal precondition to be prepared for future market requirements. Whether integrated into an automated system or used as a stand alone machine, they offer the perfect solution to any cutting need.

The TS Control

The TS control redefines operation, for all its associated functions have, for the first time, been integrated into one display unit. A high resolution 19" color display in 16:10 format with a protruding, extremely robust and sensitive touch screen, considerably improves operator convenience. The size of the used interface and its clearly arranged structure, using easy to read icons, allow all functions to be operated in an easy convenient way.

The TS Machine

The Perfecta TS Series offers on of the most robust machines in the industry.

With slotless table, one piece cast frame and a drive utilizing precision cut spur gears, packing a ten year gear case warranty. Put it side by side with any other manufacturer and your going to come out on top.


Top Mounted Backgauge Drive

For 115-168 size guillitines fed from the front table and being used as standalone machines or within cutting systems, we continue to offer our proven top-mounted backgauge drive. Eliminating the slotted main table.


Option L-TS Linear Drive 132/168/225

Optional side mounted lateral backgauge guidance is offered for cutting systems utilizing rear table loading.

Computor to Cut

Transfer of CIP data files (.ppf of .jdf)  directly from your prepress department by use of:

  • USB Stick
  • Ethernet Connection (Network)
  • Wireless Router
  • Cutronic software allowing cutting programs to be instantly created from incoming CIP files, saving time for both you and your customer.

Optional Automatic Waste Removal (AWR)

  • Automatic Waste Disposal by opening the front table
  • Cutting waste will be automatically seperated from your lift.
  • An advantage not only for cutting programs containing a lot of gutter/trim out cuts, but also for simple cutting jobs.
  • Waste can optionally be disposed of via either under table conveyor and/or central vacuem system.
  • Front table lowering enables operator to collect small labels etc. on  a piece of chip board or other transfer media.


TS Features


  • 19" high resolution color touch screen, 16:10 ratio
  • Graphic operating surface
  • CIP4 enabled; JDF- files from prepress can be directly converted into a cutting program
  • Operating mode adaptable to operator’s preference
  • Memory of up to 30,000 programs
  • USB port for additional memory, program backups, program transfers, and software upgrades
  • Ethernet connection for networking
  • Self diagnostic screen
  • Most languages supported
  • High speed and accurate Servo drive positioning system
  • Table light
  • Cutting light
  • Calculator
  • Programmable automatic knife
  • Programmable automatic clamping without cutting
  • Lubrication counter
  • Cut counter
  • Supports most languages and measurement units
  • Help screen




Perfecta high-speed guillotines bear the official German GS Safety Certification Mark awarded by the Trade Association and are put to the most severe testing for quality, safety and design. Perfecta has developed the optimum saftey package - the High Security Cutting System (HSCS) that is standard on all Perfecta guillotines.


High Security Cutting System

Cut release by a two-hand safety engagement. The downward movement of the knife is immediately stopped when one of the buttons is released. The self-control safety light barrier operates fully electronically and is maintenance free.

It is constantly active and subject to a check before each cut. The mechanical safety catch is an additional feature against double cycling of the knife. All machine functions are permanently monitored. Malfunctions are described on the display. Unacceptable deviations are detected by encoder and limit switches. The machine will be disconnected immediately.



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